Motorcycle body wiring harness / vehicle lighting equipment and other wiring materials

Product Description

Environmentally-friendly fabric tape is now the designated choice of European and American auto brands such as BMW/Porsche/Volkswagen/Mercedes-Benz/Ford in place of PVC tape, which is unable to withstand high temperatures and produces hazardous substances after burning. The product fully complies with ROHS requirements. The motorcycle industry does not enforce such restrictions at present. However, due to rising environmental awareness and product convenience, use of fabric tape is certain to become a major future trend.

Product Features

  • 1. Easy manual tearing

    The fabric tape made from stitched non-woven fabric with a parallel thread design may be easily torn by hand along punctures like those encircling postal stamps. No additional cutting tools are required; effectively shortens work time and increases work efficiency

  • 2. Abrasion-resistant

    The non-woven fabric has a thickness of approximately 0.3mm, three times thicker than regular PVC tape, and offers better protection than PVC tape used in wiring harnesses that undergo vibration and friction. It also lowers the risks of damages caused by abrasion as well as replacement costs

  • 3. 105℃ heat resistance

    The tape passes auto manufacturers' VW60360 standards which entails 3000 hours of continuous heating in a 105℃ oven without breaking or cracking while maintaining cohesiveness, a test that proves its suitability in high-temperature environments (such as areas around the engine)

  • 4. Pliability

    The corrugated pipes used for guiding motorcycle wiring harnesses often suffer surface damage due to the use of tools or friction on the inner side of the pipes, increasing the risk of electrical fire. Use of fabric tape can completely eliminate this issue.

  • 5. Cost

    Compared with COT5, cheapest and smallest in diameter, a 1 meter long wiring harness requires the same length of COT5 piping but requires just 3 meters of the fabric tape to achieve 50% coverage. The material cost is 30% cheaper than COT5.


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