Noise Insulation


For use with car speakers/sound boxes/loudspeakers/indoor door seams/cushioning strips, etc.

【Product Description】

Uses the environmentally-friendly polyester material that prevents embrittlement due to changing temperatures, and does not readily suffer from elastic fatigue with long term use. Convenient adhesive backing.

【Product Features】

  • 1.Noise reduction

    Made of needle-punched non-woven fabric, porous non-woven fabric impedes and attenuates the conductance of sound, improving the overall audio quality of the car's sound system

  • 2.Impact Resistant

    The solid thickness of the non-woven fabric can effectively reduce the damage between the speaker and the sound box caused by vibration. When attached to sharp objects around the house, it can also minimize injuries caused by bumping into them

  • 3. Heat resistance

    The polyester material is heat resistant up to 105℃, and does not become brittle and disintegrate with long term use

  • 4. Environmentally-friendly materials

    Polyester is environmentally-friendly; it does not produce hazardous substance dioxin after burning





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