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Interior decoration wiring / electrical equipment / home electrical wiring and other wiring materials

Product Description

The product is made from environmentally friendly polyester fiber, which is heat resistant and does not produce hazardous substances after burning. It complies with ROHS requirements and is suitable for use in environments between -40℃ and 105℃. It does not lose cohesiveness or develop embrittlement as a result of extreme temperatures. It is not easily unglued and does not harm the wiring harness. The tape effectively protects the wiring harness and may be used in small areas where thermoplastic tubes or other tubes cannot be easily deployed.

Product Features

  • 1. Easy manual tearing

    The fabric tape made from stitched non-woven fabric with a parallel thread design may be easily torn by hand along punctures like those encircling postal stamps. No additional cutting tools are required; effectively shortens work time and increases work efficiency

  • 2. Abrasion-resistant

    The non-woven fabric has a thickness of approximately 0.3mm thick, three times thicker than regular PVC tape, and effectively protects various wiring materials from abrasion

  • 3. 105℃ heat resistance

    The tape can withstand 3000 hours of continuous heating in a 105℃ oven without breaking or cracking while maintaining cohesiveness, proving it's suitability in high-temperature environments such as dish dryers, dryers, induction cookers and other furnishing wiring

  • 4. Environmentally-friendly materials

    The base material is polyester fiber made from recycled bottles and does not produce hazardous substance dioxin even after burning

  • 5. Pliability

    The pliability of the tape enables wiring harnesses to be adapted to diverse spatial and environmental constraints and is suited to all applications. Easily applicable on wiring harnesses of all lengths and widths, may be manually wrapped and torn.


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